Dale Moss And Clare Crawley Are Back Together After Their Split In January!

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have managed to rekindle their romance following their split in January. Dale Moss and Clare Crawley appear to be working very hard to save their relationship! Dale and Clare took things very slow after they managed to get back together. The couple wanted to be sure that both of them are on a similar page! This news regarding the couple came from a source. The PEOPLE confirmed the news! There is just so much care in their relationship

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley Care A Lot About Each Other!

In January, Moss, 32, and Clare Crawley split up following their engagement last summer. This was just 2 weeks into the shooting of their filming season. They were filming for the dating competition series. However, the couple was later spotted reconnecting and spending quality time together inside the beautiful city of New York on many occasions. In May, Dale Moss shared one snap featuring Crawley flashing her engagement ring.

This engagement ring was used by Dale Moss in proposing to Clare Crawley on the famous episode of The Bachelorette, which was held last year. After they rekindled their romance, one source said that Crawley appears to be very happy at this moment. 

The couple must have wonderful moments for themselves. Both Moss and Crawley seem immensely excited regarding what the pages of the future might hold for them! After putting a picture on her Instagram account, Clare Crawley wished everyone Fourth of July. Over the weekend of 4th July, the couple documented the quality time they spent on their holiday together. There are pictures of that on their respective pages on Instagram. She also shared how she was heading out on her car solo to the holiday spot of Palm Springs. She called this a major difference in her life!