Dallas Cowboys Honors Jimmy Johnson

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys have decided to honor the legendary Jimmy Johnson. News has been confirmed that Johnson will be inducted in the Ring Of Honor. This announcement came from the owner of Cowboys himself. Jerry Jones is the owner of the team. He did not mention the exact date of the induction. However, Jones confirmed it to happen soon. 

Dallas Cowboys New Ring Of Honor Inductee: Jimmy Johnson

Johnson is enjoying a dream time right now. Accomplishments seem to be showering him. He was honored with by the Pro Football very recently. Johnson is now officially a Hall Of Famer. His induction ceremony will be conducted at the end of the week. 

Apart from this achievement, an announcement has been made by Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have decided to honor Johnson. The general manager confirmed his induction into the Ring Of Honor Team. The Cowboys wanted to pay tribute to Johnson for his contributions to the team. They acknowledged his efforts in building up the reputation of the team. 

The date of the induction ceremony was not revealed. Johnson humorously asked whether it would happen in his lifetime or not. Johnson had a huge contribution to the Cowboys. His brilliance led the Cowboys to win back-to-back Super Bowls. He also played a key role when Dallas won the 20th edition of the Super Bowl. It was the golden era for Dallas. Cowboys became the only team to win three championships in four years.

Johnson spent five years with the Dallas Cowboys. He holds a record of 44-36. He also has a postseason tally of 7-1. He was an asset to the team. Jones did not want him to leave and regretted the decision later. The duo of Jones and Johnson were seen embracing each other after the end of a recent interview.