Harry Maguire Suffers Bomb Threat

Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire is one of the most famous stars in the English Premier League. He currently plays for Manchester United. The defender was shocked as he received a bomb threat inside his house recently.

The incident was reported to the police at once by the footballer. The complaint was received by the police department of Chesire. They stated that on Wednesday, the department received a call that stated about a bomb scare. The address mentioned was somewhere near the Wilmslow area.

The Wilmslow area was the location where Maguire resided. The police immediately went to the location and investigated for a probable bomb. Luckily for Harry, the matter was found to be a major one. None of the residents inside the house were evacuated. However, the police department did not want to take any risks.

They went to the location once again on Thursday along with sniffer dogs. The dogs are specially trained to detect any possible bombs. They will be searching the entire area of Maguire’s house thoroughly.

Harry Maguire resides along with his family, kids, and fiance. He seemed very much worried about the safety of his near and dear ones. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Harry Maguire Concerned About Safety Of Family

Harry Maguire is left shocked after he suffered a bomb scare at his residence. He has asked the police to ensure the maximum safety of his family.

Manchester United has also extended its arm of support towards the player. Maguire will continue to train for his upcoming matches in the league. 

Harry Maguire was mocked significantly by the crowds after his dismal performance against Liverpool. He was booed out of the stadium.

Manager Ralf Rangnick became very angry and criticized the fans for such conduct.