Jimmy Fallon Down With Mild Symptoms Of Covid-19

jimmy fallon
jimmy fallon

On Monday, Jimmy Fallon delivered sad news. The Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon revealed on stage that he has been experiencing some mild symptoms of Coronavirus. He is one of the few people who has still yet to be fully vaccinated. 

On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon, the star, now 47, mentioned having mild symptoms on social sites. He also thanked the nurses and doctors who are working so hard to vaccinate every American. NBC’s name also came up, when he thanked the media house for promoting the seriousness and effectiveness of Covid-19 testing protocols.

One NBC rep also mentioned that the timing of the show will get affected by this illness. One Instagram story mentioned that Anthony Anderson, star of Black-ish, Adam Devine, alum, Pitch Perfect along with Carly Pearce, the country singer will be the guests of the night. However, Monday was an interesting and exciting evening for Jimmy Fallon. 

“That’s My Jam” Show Of Jimmy Fallon Premiered On NBC!

On Monday night, That’s My Jam, his primetime show, premiered for the first time on NBC. The content of the show appeared to be the same as that of the Late Night Show by Jimmy Fallon. The episode is centered around two competing teams, full of celebrities. They would be competing by answering tricky trivia questions, singing, and dancing. There is however only one difference.

The winners will be presented with a monetary gift, only to be donated for charity. Now that Fallon is weak and down with Coronavirus, the fate of the show is unclear for the coming few weeks. There will be some problems and changes in the timings and schedule of the Late Night Show by Jimmy Fallon. Let’s hope for his speedy recovery.

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