Dan Patrick Praises Texas’ Approach To COVID, Wants CPAC To Stay There

dan patrick
dan patrick

On Friday, Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas wanted CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) to be always be held in Texas. He cited the approach of the state towards the pandemic. This was also highlighted by Matt Schlapp, the Chairman, as being one of the reasons behind arranging one more Dallas conference.

Dan Patrick Claims Texas Was A Leader

Dan Patrick said that Texas was the leader as the state lifted health restrictions related to the coronavirus. He said that his statement to not heed Fauci’s words in 2020 April turned out to be a correct decision, that many other states must have found out eventually. He pointed out that the state had collected record sales tax for two consecutive months.

The Dallas CPAC is an American Conservative Union first. Normally, CPACs are annual events. One CPAC had already been held in Florida’s Orlando earlier. However, Matt Schlapp, the Chairman, wanted recognition for Texas too. So he decided on hosting a 2nd CPAC for 2021 in Dallas.

Schlapp explained that Florida opened up when CPAC Orlando was held with Governor DeSantis leading. So, Texas being the next large open state deserved a reward as well. So the second big conference. 

Dan Patrick reacted to the statements by saying that CPAC should be held permanently in Texas. The traditional venue for CPAC is Maryland, a short distance outside Washington, D.C.

On Friday, Dan Patrick also talked about the huge surge in migrants at the border in the South. This had made both ex-President Trump as well as Kamala Harris, the present vice-President, visit Texas. Patrick was not at all satisfied with the recent visit by Harris to the Southern border. He called it a stunt for the media, since Harris mostly talked with officials from the government, and not the general populace.

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