Allies Of Dana Nessel, Facts Checked Her About Donald Trump

Dana Nessel
Dana Nessel

Dana Nessel, the Attorney General of Michigan did a live stream this Saturday with her allies where the members of the Democrats gave her some fact check regarding Donald Trump. The former President of America, Donald Trump’s rally in Macomb County was discussed in that live stream. 

Dana Nessel, Barb Byrum, And Jeff Irwin Discussed Macomb County Rally

The live stream was attended by Senator Jeff Irwin and Barb Byrum. The two of them along with Dana Nessel openly discussed the fraud committed by Donald Trump in regard to the election of 2020 and pressed all the unsubstantiated claims against him.

The loss of Donald Trump in the Presidential election is the most talked about topic in his rallies as he still laments his loss. Though audits have been conducted by the Secretary of State of Michigan and investigation by the Republicans and no facts about the fraudulent election were found, still Trump is pushing his claim. 

This Saturday he again announced in Washington Township that the election was rigged and stolen. Following that incident, citizens carefully observed the election system mechanism in Michigan. It is of more concern how the election mechanism would work under the restrictions of the pandemic. 

In the views of Byrum, the legislature of Michigan must have given greater emphasis on issues that arose in the election of 2020 like the process of sending mails of the application for an absentee ballot to the houses of the dead people. 

As per Dana Nessel, the members of the Republicans do not want to work on such legislation that the officials of the election want, rather they would work as they want. Irwin stated that a greater number of resources are required in towns and cities where the population is high. The speech given by Trump this Saturday is considered an endorsement of people fighting for secretary of state, attorney general, and others.

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