Eric Adams, Openly Criticizes The Ron DeSantis Educational Bill

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York, announced on Monday that digital billboards will be launched in Florida which would denounce the recent Educational legislation. This legislation is very conservative and bans the discussion of topics regarding gender identity and sexual orientation in classrooms up to third grade. 

Eric Adams Launched Digital Billboards To Protest Against The Educational Bill

Eric Adams even requested the LGBTQ+ community to leave Florida and come to live in New York. This bill was signed on 28th March by the vote of the majority of the Republicans and will be effective from the month of July. the above-mentioned topics are banned as per the legislation to be taught to children aged between 5 to 9years in all the government schools. 

This bill is called the ‘Parental Rights in Education law’ and the majority of the people have given it another name i.e. ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. As per Eric Adams, this bill is shameful and portrays extremist culture where the members of the LGBTQ+ community are targeted. He also gave assurance that he will always be there with the community and is asking them to come to New York. 

He stated that New York is a colorful city where an individual can be anything and will have the freedom to say anything. He assured them that such discrimination is never going to take place in New York. Eric Adams made such an announcement at City Hall of New York where he was standing beside many billboards which did not cost a penny to the taxpayers.

Christina Pushaw, the press secretary of DeSantis stated that the new law will defend the rights of the parents and the more New York will oppose it, it will benefit the state of Florida. As per Republican members and DeSantis, this law gives more control and power to the parents and they can decide what their children will learn in educational institutions.