Biz Markie Paid Tribute At The New York Memorial Service

Biz Markie
Biz Markie

Biz Markie was paid a respectful tribute in New York. He passed away unfortunately on the 16th of July. Markie was 57 years of age at the time of his death. The ceremony saw all the near and dear ones gathering up. They all came to pay their respect to their beloved Biz. Markie was a renowned rapper. 

Biz Markie Remembered By Wife As “Amazing”

Biz was visited by friends and members of his family on Monday. They paid him the last farewell. Markie, the famous rapper passed away on 16th July. His original name was Marcel Theo Hall. His mentionable works include “Just A Friend”. This album was a chart-topper in the ’80s. Markie also played a crucial role in making the rap style of songs popular. 

The memorial ceremony was streamed live on Youtube. Roxanne Shante, Montell Jordan, and Mary Brown performed at the memorial. Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe & LL Cool J were the other mentionable attendees. Al Sharpton started his relationship with the star to be something more than friends. He called him his icon. He also emphasized the hard work put in by the late rapper. Sharpton said that a lot of effort was put into bringing rap songs to the forefront. 

Tara Hall was the wife of Biz Markie. She reminisced her late husband to be amazing. She stated how he was the biggest support system of Tara. He supported her through the thick and thins of life. Every time Tara felt low, Biz had her back. 

Apart from all these, Tara also revealed the funnier side of Biz. She said that Markie loved to joke with his family. She promised to bear the legacy of her deceased husband. She felt that people like Biz Markie should live forever. 

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