Former Obama Adviser Stuart Seldowitz Arrested After Islamophobic Tirade

Stuart Seldowitz

A senior State Department official during the Obama era, Stuart Seldowitz was filmed abusing a vendor with anti-Palestine and Islamophobic remarks. He went on an unprovoked tirade against the Muslim halal food vendor and was later arrested by New York police.

Stuart Seldowitz was filmed calling the Muslim vendor a terrorist and saying that killing 4,000 children was not enough. He went on a deranged racist rant for which he made a muted apology which apparently was not enough to prevent him being picked up by the authorities.

Stuart Seldowitz served as the NSC’s South Asia office director under Barack Obama’s presidency. He was also deputy director of the State Department’s Palestinian and Israel Affairs between 1999 and 2003. Recently he was a foreign affairs chairperson of Gotham Government Relations. After his videos went viral, he was relieved of his post.

Stuart Seldowitz Also Cans Slur Against Islam And The Prophet

In the tirade, Stuart Seldowitz is heard saying that he would put up a sign declaring the vendor as a member of Hamas. The vendor can be heard saying that he was an American. Seldowitz calls him a terrorist and asks how he got American citizenship. He also accused the person, who remains unseen, of supporting the murder of little children and calls him a terrible man. The vendor can be heard retorting that Seldowitz killed children, not him.

In a separate clip, Stuart Seldowitz can be heard telling the person that the Egyptian intelligence was looking for his picture. Seldowitz has alleged that the part that shows the vendor supporting Hamas was not part of the viral videos.

The vendor asked Seldowitz to leave several times but the latter instead says that he was living in a free country, unlike Egypt. Stuart Seldowitz can also be heard calling the vendor ignorant and asking him if he spoke the language of the Koran. He was arrested on Wednesday on the charges of aggravated harassment, stalking linked to hate crime and causing fear, and also stalking at a place of employment.