David Buckley Stands Accused Of Attacking Andrew Bakaj 

David Buckley
David Buckley

David Buckley, the staff director of the select committee of the House, is currently accused of acting against one of the whistleblowers Andrew Bakaj. This incident is said to have taken place when he was the inspector general of the CIA. The newly appointed staff director is currently looking into the matter of the insurrection that took place in the Capitol building on the 6th of January. The said information was derived from the inspector general of the homeland security department. 

David Buckley’s Case Details

The name of the newly appointed staff director of the select committee is Andrew Bakaj. He is one of the former special agents of one of the departments of the CIA. As per the details of the accusation, David Buckley suspended the security clearance of Bakaj and then placed him on administrative leave. This took place after the person stood accused of disclosing information and providing assistance for some other investigation. Unfortunately, David Buckley was no longer a part of the CIA when Bakaj went on to issue the report. It has also been revealed that the staff director did not cooperate when he was told to attend an interview concerning the matter.

The details of the case were initially reported by a news source called Yahoo News. Following this, another news channel went on to reach out to the attorney of Bakaj for confirmation and details. As per the details of the report, it has been stated that the general investigation of the inspector “substantiated” a few allegations of the complainant. It also confirmed the fact that a retaliatory investigation was opened by David Buckley against the agent which further discovered a bunch of derogatory information that was used against him in order to suspend him.