Ron Johnson Faces Backlash After Calling Capitol Riots “Peaceful”

ron johnson
ron johnson

Ron Johnson has faced huge disapproval for his comments. He termed the riots of January 6, as “peaceful”. The situation has gained much momentum. So much so that groups are spending a huge sum on the campaign. He is also criticized for his decision to vote against federal rights voting. 

Ron Johnson In The Heat As Groups Gather To Launch Campaign Against The Senator

Ron Johnson is a Senator who is from Wisconsin. He recently said in a video that the attacks at the Capitol were peaceful. The riot was one of the worst mass outrages in the US. People were seen to be extremely violent. They smashed windows of the capitol. Johnson stated that apart from a few miscreants, the overall protest was peaceful. 

 group of 20+ coalitions is ready to run a campaign. This campaign was estimated to be worth $800,000. The campaign accused Johnson of failing the country. It criticized his denial to look into the matter with seriousness. The Democrats are all set to contest against Ron in the elections. However, Johnson has not confirmed whether he will contest the elections or not.  

Johnson was also heavily accused of killing the federal bill. He was said to have prevented the voting rights of the common people. The advertisement is scheduled to be aired on TV on 25th July. 

Ron Johnson replied to the allegations. He criticized the Democrats for their false portrayals. He alleged them to control the government. He further stated that the federal bill had no implications for the rights of voters.