Buffing Up Of Security By Secret Services In The White House Due To Several Tucker Convoys

Secret Services

There has been news that several trucker convoys are planning to protest in front of the White House, coincidentally, on the day President Biden would address the State of the Union. As a result of this news, the security of the White House has been beefed up for 1st March by the Secret Services. Some law agencies, the Homeland security department, FBI, and Capitol police are all tracking the convoys that are protesting for mandatory vaccines to prevent more spread of Covid-19. This convoy is coming from California and as per the bulletin of the DHS, it will be free of any credible violence, however, some extremists of domestic violence can join this event. 

The fact that this convoy will pose a threat to public safety, operations of DHS, and emergency responses, various additions in the security were conducted in and out of the complex. The state of the Union is handled by the Secret Services and as per sources, the convoys arriving by 27th February will lead to blockades of highways for which ATF, FBI, and other organizations are working together. 

Inflow Of Regular Information To The Secret Services

The potential threat of the convoys is disrupting the normal operations and thus a meeting was held with 30 interagency organizations, DHS, FBI, and other law enforcement groups to chalk out a plan for the event in Washington. Yahoo News is continuously providing information about the convoys to the DHS bulletin and with the help of numerous maps originated by the Regional Intelligence Center of Northern Virginia, the exact date and time are figured out.

The mentioned document pointed out five trucker convoys, all of which are traveling through different paths and will reach Washington by 1st March. Moreover, another different convoy is estimated to reach by 6th March and all the agencies including the Secret Services are highly active to look for convoys that can be potential threats to the peaceful environment.