Check Your Eligibility For The $1,500 Stimulus Check: Part Of Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Workers in a particular state stand to benefit from the federal rescue plan initiated by President Joe Biden in 2021. Child care providers in Alabama will get a $1,500 bonus stimulus check.

This stimulus check is being given as an incentive to recruit and retain the workers in this particular sector. There has been an acute shortage of trained child care providers following the prolonged pandemic.

This shortage is not just confined to Alabama but is a nationwide phenomenon. The workers are set to receive the bonus checks when the prospect of further stimulus checks from the federal government has all but died out.

Health Workers In Albama Get The Bonus Stimulus Check

Future stimulus check support is expected to be confined to specific sectors, or areas. It will hinge on the profession you are in or the area where you live.

News reports mention that around 10,000 workers from the child care industry in the state will receive the $1,500 bonus stimulus check.

The total bill for the payment comes to $12.6M, and is preceded by the payment from the Dept. of Human Resources in the state called the Child Care Workforce Stabilization Grant. The second round of the grant is slated between February 28 and March 18. It comprises a $1,500 bonus for full-timers. Part-timers will get half that amount.

The human resources department of Alabama gave the stimulus check to 1.278 of the child care workers who had applied last December and in January this year. In all, 65% of the eligible workers have applied for the grants and have already received them.

Nancy Buckner, the DHR Commissioner of Alabama said that the staff shortage across the nation had been a test of resilience for the child care workers in Alabama. She said that the bonus stimulus check is a reward for the present providers for their devoted and enthusiastic service and will help bring in vital reinforcement.

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