Dean Phillips Challenges Biden 2024 Presidential Primary Run

Dean Phillips

Minnesota Democratic Representative Dean Phillips has formally launched his run in the Democratic primary campaign. He has filed to run in Ne Hampshire’s Democratic Party run. House Democrats are baffled at Dean Phillips decision to launch his primary challenge against President Biden. The genial politician’s star is on the rise, and he has just won a Congress post. His decision to move for the President’s chair has left colleagues astonished.

Representatives say that the actions of Dean Phillips to launch a challenge against Biden is a long-shot chance. There is even the danger that his decision could damage his fledgling but promising career while boosting Trump’s chances in 2024.

Partymen Say Dean Phillips’s Move An Exercise In Futility

One Representative close to Dean Phillips said that while his intentions are genuine and believes he is doing the correct thing, in truth it is having just the opposite effect on his career. He went on to say that it was just wrecking his career entirely and also ruining the existing goodwill within his party. Dean Phillips has always been viewed as a moderate Democrat politician and is a treasured member of the party caucus. His star is on the rise in Capitol Hill.

Last year he was elected into a leadership position as a co-chair of the policy and communication operations of the Democratic Party. Dean Phillips has recently stepped down from that position to run in the 2024 elections. He argues that the Democratic US President is too old to be competing for a second term.

Few in the party are willing to go on record about the developments. It has a lot to do with the popularity he enjoys inside the caucus and also because he is viewed as personally affable. But most view his bid for the White House and his decision to go against Biden as quixotic. They are united in their view that Dean Phillips could reach a political dead-end.