Margot Robbie Records $26m Net Worth

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie seems to be killing it in her professional life. She is a hardworking actress and makes a lot of money. A recent survey has revealed her net worth. It stands at a staggering sum of $26million. This is probably much more money than Harley Quinn can steal. Robbie is well known for her character portrayal of Harley Quinn. 

Margot Robbie Net Worth Revealed

Robbie is a versatile and very talented actress. She has been nominated for the Oscars. She shot to fame by signing up for DC. Robbie plays the character of Harley Quinn. Her pinpoint portrayal of the character has earned her many accomplishments. She has appeared in movies like Birds Of Prey & Suicide Squad. Her latest movie is lined up for theatrical release on August 5. 

Robbie started her career in Australia. Before she stepped foot in Hollywood, she worked for a sitcom. She had a successful career and her talents soon caught the eye. Her transition from there to the Hollywood limelight has been marvelous. If the reports are to be believed, the actress sits pretty on a handsome cushion of hard-earned money. 

The survey stated that Margot accumulated almost $10million from Birds Of Prey. This was way more than Jared Leto’s $4.5million. The possible reason for Robbie’s high payscale was that she was one of the producers. This earned her an edge and some extra pounds. 

Apart from her Hollywood stints, Margot Robbie also appeared in several advertisements. She was the brand ambassador of Calvin Klein and Chanel. She also signed up for a project with Nissin. All this only added up to her worth making it all the more lucrative. The meteoric rise of Margot Robbie is great news for all the hardworking aspiring actresses. We only hope she keeps up her good work and excels even further.