Eras Tour Success Pushes Taylor Swift Net Worth: Joins Rihanna In The Billionaire Club

taylor swift

Taylor Swift becomes the latest entrant to the billionaire club. The Enchanted singer is now worth around $1.1 B. The success of the recent Eras tour has considerably pushed up her earnings. The report by Bloomberg News says Swift is now part of the exclusive group of billionaires who have reached the status solely based on their music and performance.

Taylor Swift crossed the magical mark 6 months after the singer launched the career-defining Eras tour. What is even more mind-boggling is that the concert circuit of the multiple Grammy winner brought in $4.3 B into the GDP of the US. Her music spans generations and caters to music lovers of different eras. The Bloomberg report considered the values of Taylor Swift’s music catalog, her homes, and her earnings from concert tickets, music earnings, streaming, and merchandise.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Has Redefined Concert Earnings

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour alone has netted over $700 million through ticket sales. The Bejeweled singer will continue with the show after a brief break and will make multiple tours in Central and South America. The tour has added to the earnings in multiple ways. The movie, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is also enjoying stunning box office success. In just 4 days in October, Eras earned close to $100 million, making it the best opening ever for a concert movie.

Taylor Swift’s movie also edged past Martin Scorsese’s Killer of the Flower Moon, a crime epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a busy October for Swift and she showed no sign of stopping soon. She also released 1989 (Taylor Version), which is a remake of her Grammy winner 1989. The album is part of Swift’s effort to regain rights to the six albums that she lost control over after Scooter Braun picked up her label and resold it to Big Machine.

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