T. J. Dillashaw Has His Eyes Set On The Title

t. j. dillashaw
t. j. dillashaw

T. J. Dillashaw did overcome a lot over the last two and a half years to get back and now he has his eyes set on the UFC title. The UFC fighter hadn’t fought in the last 30 months. First came the knee injury in the first round. The second round saw him getting a cut in training- something that was so ghastly that it made Daniel Cormier sick simply looking at it. 

T. J. Dillashaw Back In The UFC Octagon

Next came a torn MCL in his right knee in training camp. Despite the plethora of injuries peppering, T. J. Dillashaw still managed to beat his opponent, Cory Sandhagen, in a well-fought-out match. 

The match was extremely close, and a split decision victory is what put T. J. Dillashaw in the bantamweight title picture. Although Judge Derek Cleary put the points at 48-47 for Sandhagen, the rest of the judges, Sal D’Amato and Junichiro Kamijo, gave Dillashaw points of 48-47 each.

Yahoo Sports, too, gave the same points to the winner. After the fight, Dillashaw was quick to proclaim the fact that he was back in the game. And since Dillashaw hasn’t yet lost the title in the ring itself, he could very well win the match against the challenger on the 30th of October. 

T. J. Dillashaw was stripped of his belt on the 19th of Jan, 2019 after he tested positive for Procrit- a medication for anemia that contains EPO. This led to him being suspended for a couple of years by the USADA. While he was supposed to be back in the ring in May, Dillashaw had to postpone it due to him being cut in training. In fact, the cut opened after he got hit with a hard left hook from Sandhagen. But as every fighter would understand, injuries weren’t something that would stop him from his goal.