AOC, The Democrat, On Facing Sexual Assault And Irresponsibility Concerning The US Capitol Riot


The politician from the Democratic party of the United States of American, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, AO, spoke out on her unfortunate trauma. The revelation comes following the accusations made on the members of the Republican party concerning the Capitol riot that took place in the US. The Republicans are condemned for deviating from the blame for the violent incident that proved to be lethal.

AOC is regarded as one of the Democrats having the highest-profile in the country. She is a socialist, a self-described one. she is the representative of New York City’s 14th district. And is a frequent subject of target by the advocates of conservatism.

AOC Called Out Some Names

The politician took to the social media platform, Instagram, to open up about her experiences with sexual assault. The politician went live as she shared her story. After a few minutes of the revelation, she started blasting the conservatives from the Republican party for taking full responsibility for the Capitol incident. According to AOC, Republican politicians like Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas are responsible for the riot that killed a total of five people.

The viewers of the live video from Monday were witness to the criticism of Chip Roy as well. The 31-year-old AOC criticized the congressman from Texas on grounds of making demands to her for apologizing to the Texas senator, Ted Cruz.

AOC stated out that she was fully prepared for the aftermath of her sexual assault disclosure. She said that criticism was something she would be expecting. The Democrat also pointed out the main underlying reason for it. According to her, criticism would be thrown at her as whatever she spoke of, was totally unrelated to the Capitol riot.

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