Andrew Cuomo Impeachment Investigation Leader Warns Of Repercussions Following Tweet!

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The head of the impeachment investigation of the State Assembly of New York into Andrew Cuomo, Governor, warned of repercussions. The head of the impeachment investigation into Andrew Cuomo, issued this warning after an aide to Andrew tweeted about certain things which allegedly demeaned the office of the Attorney General

Azzopardi, Top Aide Of Andrew Cuomo, Has Big Troubles Coming His Way!

The tweet of Richard Azzopardi, senior aide, Cuomo, discussed the political ambitions of Letitia James, Attorney General. This tweet allegedly undermined her office and the investigation into the impeachment of Andrew Cuomo. The tweet also sent negative signals and hints to witnesses. This news comes from the letter written by Charles Lavine, Chairman, Judiciary Committee, Assembly.

The letter was directed at Melissa DeRosa, a top aide to Cuomo. The letter of Lavine also mentioned the warning that was given to the office of Cuomo in a written notice on 15th March. The letter stated that in a sensitive matter like this, it is imperative and obvious that nobody should associate or engage in retaliation, intimidation or attempt anything like that against any potential witness or complainant. 

So the Committee finds it hard to comprehend that the communications director ended up tweeting that James would be running against Andrew Cuomo. James, Attorney General is conducting a parallel investigation into the impeachment of Cuomo. On Wednesday, Lavine stated that the tweet of Azzopardi sends a very chilling message and signal to the potential witnesses involved in the sensitive matter. He also said that severe repercussions are to follow after this tweet was posted on social site, Twitter. On 11th July, Azzopardi claimed that James will be challenging Andrew Cuomo soon in this gubernatorial contest. He also slammed John Samuelsen in the tweet!