James Clyburn On The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

James Clyburn
James Clyburn

James Clyburn, the popular politician belonging to the Democratic Party, gave a statement on the infrastructure bill. The House Majority stated that the votes with regard to the said bipartisan bill might get delayed. This statement was made on the 19th of September that fell on a Sunday. This takes place despite the fact that the leaders from the Democratic Party of the House have promised the moderate members to give their votes by the 27th of September.

James Clyburn’s View

The 81-year-old House Majority, Jim Clyburn, further added that there were chances for the votes to get delayed. However, there was a bigger question to address. And that was if their bigger goal would be achieved or not. James Clyburn stated that it was extremely necessary for them, to achieve the goal that was set for that day. He also stated that his people would do anything to achieve that goal. It is to be noted that James Clyburn is the third-ranking member of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives. 

The comments made by the South Carolina-based politician come just after a month of the rule given by the House on the infrastructure bill. The said rule was voted upon by the members of the House. It was stated that the bipartisan bill that amounted to a total of 1 trillion USD was to be taken up by the 27th of September. This rule was a huge success for the moderates who were supporting the bipartisan bill over the economic package introduced by the Democratic leaders. The amount of the said economic package is 3.5 trillion USD. The main agenda of the package is to bring about an expansion in the country’s social safety net.