Mitt Romney Defends A Republican From Trump’s Slander

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, the Senator from Utah, has been defending fellow Republican Senator Mike Rounds after Donald Trump attacked him for his comments. Mike Rounds had stated that the Presidential Elections of 2020 were completely fair and that the GOP simply failed to win the election that would have determined who became the President.

The comments from the Senator came up when he appeared on This Week on ABC News, where he informed the host George Stephanopoulos that their claims of widespread election fraud were investigated, but subsequently unsubstantiated. 

Mitt Romney Defends Mike Rounds’ Statements

Mitt Romney had to jump forward and defend his fellow Republican after the former President, whose persistent and baseless claims of a stolen election went through a rigorous investigation, wasn’t happy with the Senator- as he called him a jerk as well as a weak and pretty ineffective politician.  In a statement, the former President stated that Mike Rounds of the Great State of South Dakota just went woke completely- was he just stupid or plain crazy?

Mitt Romney, a critic of Trump, and quite a frequent target of the impeached President, then went on to post a tweet in support of Rounds, while mentioning several other Republicans- like Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Arkansan, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, and Larry Hogan of Maryland- who would agree with his assessment that the presidential victory of Joe Biden was pretty sound. 

In his tweet on Monday, Mitt Romney stated that Mike Rounds was speaking the truth knowing that the country was depending on it. Several Republicans throughout the length and breadth of the country agree with rounds- Joe Biden won the election fair and square.