Terry McAuliffe On Joe Biden And His Political Career

Terry McAuliffe
Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe, the former governor from the state of Virginia, downplayed one of the remarks that were stated by himself with regard to Joe Biden, the current president of the United States of America. The politician belonging to the Democratic Party had given the statement not very long ago. According to the recent statement, he had claimed that the fading popularity of the Democratic President of the country was having a negative impact on his political career. 

Terry McAuliffe’s Opinion

Terry McAuliffe stated that the chances that he has to become the next governor of the state of Virginia, was getting adversely affected by President Joe Biden. He also expressed his opinion about the bipartisan bill that is currently stuck in the polity of the country. He stated that the lawmakers of the Democratic party must do something about it as soon as possible. Terry McAuliffe stated that it would be best if they did something to pass the said infrastructure bill. All these claims were made by the Democratic politician over one of the platforms of the national media.   

He also stated that the kind of politics that was being played by the ruling party in the country had nothing to do with him or his political career. However, it was directly affecting the people of the country. He stated that all he was concerned about is the people of the state of Virginia and not his political fate. Terry McAuliffe left a direct message to all the lawmakers of Washington. He urged them to give their approval for the bipartisan bill as soon as possible. He further added that the states were desperate for it as they all needed proper infrastructural facilities.