US Nuclear Secrets Investigation Leads To The Arrest Of A Couple

us nuclear secrets
us nuclear secrets

The US nuclear secrets were in grave danger before the FBI saved the game. It has been stated that a couple based in the state of Maryland is now arrested with regard to the case, as stated by sources, they were making efforts to leak the US nuclear secrets said secrets to some other country. This was found out by people belonging to the agency of FBI. The investigation with regard to the case was being carried out for almost a year.

US Nuclear Secrets Almost Compromised

As per the details, the accused couple is charged under the appropriate laws. It has been revealed that they were trying to do so in order to derive the ownership of cryptocurrency. The names of the accused are Jonathan Toebbe, the nuclear engineer belonging to the US Navy, and Diana, his beloved wife.

The incident of arrest concerning the case of the US Nuclear secrets took place on the 9th of October that fell on a Saturday in the state of West Virginia. It is to be noted that the navy engineer qualified for top-security clearance owing to his rank. The two were arrested by the Naval Criminal Investigative and the department of the FBI.

They have shared the information that the two accused sold some valuable information with regard to the US nuclear secrets. They actually compromised the design of the warships of the United States of America that were nuclear-powered. And the ones to retrieve it at the other end were stated to be someone who, according to them, was a foreign representative. However, in reality, that “someone” was actually an undercover agent from the FBI. All this information was provided by the Justice Department of the country.

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