Dennis Rodman To The Rescue, Going To Russia For Brittney Griner

dennis rodman

Brittney Griner, the 31-year-old American, who has been arrested earlier this month for trying to smuggle drugs illegally into Russia is seemingly getting help from Dennis Rodman. Dennis and Brittney both are basketball players in America. Brittney has been a two-time gold medalist in the Olympics. Dennis, 61 years old, who was also a basketball player has decided to seek the release of Brittney from the Russian jail with help of a lawyer’s course.

Dennis Rodman Says He Got Permission To Go To Russia

The 61-year-old player has told in a recent interview with NBC that he has to help that girl and he trying to go to Russia this week. But Biden’s senior administration official commented on that saying “he is more likely hurt than help”. It seems like the government didn’t take it in a good way.

According to the government officials, this isn’t the first time Dennis Rodman has made an impact with the international leader. Previously when he visited Russia in 2014, he called president Putin “cool”. And not only that, he has visited North Korea on various occasions and has cultivated a relationship with Kim Jong. Dennis Rodman can be seen alongside Trump in Singapore while meeting Kim Jong. According to sources, he has taken the decision to even ask for the release of Kenneth Bae from North Korea. Nobody knows what kind of a match he is playing, but government officials aren’t happy with it at all.

He even expressed his confidence that he knows “Putin too well”. Rodman seems overconfident with the Visa process that he doesn’t even need “special permission from the USA to enter Russia, just a visa from Moscow” will do the work. He made it sound like a piece of cake.