Lakers Win Against Cleveland Cavaliers


The Lakers took home the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a score of 115 to a 108, respectively. LeBron James was the star of the game, as usual. He unleashed scoring wrath during the fourth quarter. In that, he scored 21 points, out of the 46 of his total, with several dazzling and eye-jumping shots. They seemed like shots only he could take. He helped lead the team on Monday. 

This was also James’s first match in almost 3 years in Ohio. And it couldn’t have done better than he already did. The Lakers star had even gotten home-cooked food cooked by his mother, Gloria. He also said that he felt good returning to his haven. But James’s final quarter berzerkers wasn’t just an empty passion. It seemed more of an answer to a fan of the opposite team, on the front row. James missed a 3 pointer during the game once. The front-row, socially distant sitting anti-fan celebrated. 

Lakers’ Win On Kobe Bryant’s Death Anniversary

The Los Angeles Lakers won on the same eve of Kobe Bryant’s first death anniversary. Bryant and his daughter died in a crash in a helicopter last year. Some compared James’s win and push to Bryant, saying he may have done the same. And LeBron’s motto, among several, was to silence the anti-fan. 

But the Lakers legend was still a little playful. He later said that the guy seemed “too excited” when he saw that James had missed. He further added that he knew that another quarter was next and that the fourth one is his “favorite quarter.” The final twelve minutes saw him score 9 shots. He played a turnaround jump and a stepback 3. 

Anthony Davis from the Lakers added that it was fun to watch whenever James played like that. He added a further 17 points to the champions.