The US Amassed In-depth Intel About The Preparations Of Wagner Chief Prigozhin For A Rebellion


According to people familiar with the situation, US intelligence officers had been able to piece together a very precise and comprehensive image of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of Wagner,‘s plans before his brief revolt, including how and where Wagner was intending to move. But according to these individuals, the intel was kept so well guarded that only a small group of allies, including top British officials, were given access to it. The sources claimed that it was unclear when Prigozhin might act. However, he seems to have confirmed to carry out his plan when the Russian Ministry of Defence declared on June 10 that all secret army enterprises.

Prigozhin Is Not A Sudden Execution, It Had Carefully Been Planned For Months

Beginning in July, all of them, including Wagner, will be required to enter into contracts with the Russian military and be taken in by the RMD. Only the senior members of the administration and the Gang of Eight members of Congress, with access to some of the most sensitive topics of intel, were briefed on the material since it was so top-secret within the US.

Prigozhin’s attack this Friday as well as the haste with which Wagner troops entered Rostov Don and advanced on Saturday morning in Moscow caught some senior officials from Europe—and even some senior administrators across the government of the USA—off guard, according to the sources. According to one source acquainted with the intelligence, “it was a very tight hold.” The lack of sharing of intelligence infuriated several NATO officials. But insiders warned that doing so could have run the danger of jeopardizing very private sources and procedures. According to authorities, officials in Ukrainian were not informed about the intel ahead of time either out of concern that communications between Ukrainian officials and the US would be overheard by enemies.