Denzel Washington Left Katie Couric “Shaken” After Tense 2004 Interview

Sometimes celebrities go through a bad patch, which they unwittingly transfer onto other people. Although it doesn’t excuse their behavior, it helps us remember that celebrities are human too. Just like Katie Couric realized after Denzel Washington ripped her a new one at a 2004 interview which Katie Couric hosted for Denzel Washington’s movie at that time The Manchurian Candidate. This movie, which also has Meryl Streep opposite him, is a political thriller, which paved the way for Katie Couric to ask him if Hollywood stars should be involved in politics. 

What Was Denzel Washington’s Reply? 

According to Danny Pellegrino’s podcast Everything Iconic which Couric appeared on, Denzel Washington didn’t even let her complete her question, which later made her feel really shaken and uncomfortable. While she tried explaining her question regarding Hollywood stars participating in politics, Washington didn’t really care enough to listen to the entire question. His reply was too curt for the occasion, as he brushed her off totally. 

Later, he did donate a hefty amount to Couric’s charity which is a colon cancer foundation. While Couric thinks it was Denzel Washington’s way of apologizing, it could also be his generosity. But what surprised Couric the most was the usually mild-mannered Washington, who was quite loved by celebrities and press alike had gone off like that. 

Katie later told Danny that she had no idea why Denzel had singled her out to face his ire when her admiration and love for the actor was quite visible. 

But that didn’t stop him from blazing her off, nor did it stop her from walking out, quite obviously shaken about the entire incident.