Derek Carr States That Edwards And Jones Can Be Counted On

Derek Carr
Derek Carr

The Las Vegas Raiders’ wide receivers were quite underwhelming against the Ravens.

QB Derek Carr relied on his target, TE Darren Waller, from the beginning of the game and Waller has targeted a total of 19 times.

It is obvious that the Raiders would have failed to win if it wasn’t for Derek Carr and his production wideout when it counted.

 Key catches were made by Zay Jones, Bryan Edwards, Henry Ruggs III, and Hunter Renfrow.

Derek Carr States How Jones And Edwards Stood Out

Jones was wide open on the game-winning touchdown in overtime and Edwards came through with three big catches late in regulation and in overtime.

Carr stated that Zay was like his brother and considers him to be family. He gets him up early for training so that he can spend time with his family and Zay never disappoints him. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, Zay is always there for him. 

Zay will always remain as his family regardless of the fact if he catches the ball or not. Derek Carr got a chance to celebrate him and his success after his perfect catch. Zay had a tough time in Buffalo and seems like he found his home. Carr wants him to remain in the team as the fans and the atmosphere feels perfect with him around.

Derek Carr also spoke about his other teammate, Edwards. He said that he trusts him completely. He tried his best to buy time after learning it from the game films and how a couple of teams were playing against him. All he did was to buy time in his pockets.

The game has evolved a lot and Derek Carr states that he can buy time and still find the guys he was looking for. Coach Gruden and Oly had pushed him into getting this ability better. 

This group of players need to come through in the clutch, then only can they be a special unit in 2021.