Deshaun Watson Transfer Saga Delayed By Canceled Texans Minicamp

deshaun watson
deshaun watson

The status of Deshaun Watson continues to remain up to anybody’s guess. In the middle of it, an announcement was made by the Houston Texans that their minicamp is being canceled.

What Will Happen To Deshaun Watson?

On Wednesday, David Culley, the head coach of the Texans, announced the decision which has no direct relation with the status of Deshaun Watson. However, this has sent the ball high up into the air on what can happen next to Watson. The quarterback for the Texans is presently entangled in a controversy regarding sexual misconduct. At the same time, he has also requested a trade from his team to go somewhere else.

David Culley said that he took the decision to not continue with the minicamp because the voluntary OTAs in a session were satisfactory. The minicamp, had it happened, would have had compulsory attendance. Culley said that they had achieved the targets they had set for themselves.

It was expected that Deshaun Watson would not turn up for the minicamp. He continues to be in the middle of multiple civil lawsuits involving as many as 22 massage personnel. All have leveled accusations against him regarding sexual misconduct on various levels. One even includes being subjected to forced oral sex by the player. The legal team of Deshaun Watson had admitted the sexual incidents. However, they insisted that the incidents were consensual.

On Wednesday, Kareem Jackson, the safety for Denver, claimed that Watson wants to join the Broncos. Jackson had played alongside Deshaun Watson as a Texan. The two of them are personal friends.

For the time being, it is unclear whether Watson can play in the NFL in autumn. The QB might make the exempt list of the commissioner. However, that is only if his status in the NFL does not become moot because of the allegations.