Deshaun Watson Is Named In A 16th Allegation

deshaun watson
Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women more, on Tuesday. The quarterback who plays for the Houston Texans now has a tally of 16 allegations of improper conduct against him.

A skin tightening and body contouring specialist and a female personal trainer are the latest accusers against Watson. The recent cases have been filed in the District Court of Harris County, Texas.

The Recent Cases Against Deshaun Watson

The trainer alleged that Deshaun Watson exposed himself in front of her. Furthermore, the player allegedly ejaculated onto the person of the trainer. The lawsuit marks down the date of the incident as 28th May. It happened at the player’s home in Houston while they were having a session.

The body specialist alleged that Deshaun hired her services as a masseur on 8th October. The lawsuit details that the player had then proceeded to expose himself and had asked the woman for sexual gratification.

Late on Monday, a massage therapist in Los Angeles had accused the player of indecent exposure as well. She further claimed that Watson had forced her to please him sexually.

Anthony Buzbee is the lawyer who has filed all of the 16 lawsuits against Watson. The lawyer further claimed that his firm was checking even more allegations, the total count of which would be 24 at the very least.

The player’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, however, stated that this is nothing more than a fake public media scandal. He believes that all such allegations are lies. The statement was repeated by the player. Furthermore, all of the accusers have chosen to remain anonymous, which Hardin says is an unfair obstruction of justice.

Deshaun Watson had been the best passer in the league last season and has demanded a trade from his team. Speculation is rife about his next destination.