Syria-Based Senior Leader Of ISIS Killed In US Helicopter Attacks


Northeast Syria saw a helicopter raid by the US military targeted at a senior planner and leader of ISIS, early on Monday. The information was provided by a United States Central Command spokesperson.

Syria Attack Termed As A Success

Colonel Joe Buccino, the spokesperson, said that the authorities believe in the success of the raid. The targeted ISIS senior Syria leader is believed to be dead. The target individual was also an operational planner who was believed to be behind terror attack plans that took place in both Europe and the Middle East. Buccino added that the Syria attack also killed two more armed individuals. According to Buccino, the raid did not see any US forces get wounded nor did were any of the helicopters involved shot down.

On the afternoon of Monday, the United States Central Command stated that the senior leader of ISIS was one Abd-al-Hadi Mahmud al-Haji Ali. As per CENTCOM statements, the helicopter strike was carried out following the US gaining intelligence regarding a plot by ISIS that would kidnap officials who are in different countries.

Buccino said that they are aware of ISIS’s ambitions to strike regions apart from the Middle East. As such, the recent raid should cause massive detriment to the regional ISIS operations. Nevertheless, Buccino admitted that this did not remove the capability of ISIS in conducting operations.

One of CENTCOM’s earlier statements clarified that the raid did not kill or injure any civilians. The United States remains attentive to its campaign to rid Iraq and Syria of all ISI presence. It is one component of a larger campaign that seeks to stop any growth of the terrorist organization. A week earlier, an operative of ISIS along with two associates was captured from eastern Syria during a different US helicopter raid.