Khabib Nurmagomedov Intends To Use Lockdown Time To Prepare For His Next Fight


Khabib Nurmagomedov has updated his fans on his next fight after the official cancellation of UFC 249 owing to the pandemic. 

He was supposed to fight against Tony Ferguson on the UFC 249 platform but after Russia’s lockdown announcement, Khabib, who left for his home, was replaced by Justin Gaethje as the new opponent of Fergusson. 

Lately, all fight nights had to be canceled by Dana White after repeated pressure from ESPN and Disney to postpone all scheduled events.

Surrounding all the uncertainty whether Nurmagomedov will fight against Ferguson according to their initial plan or not, he made an Instagram post addressing his future.

He promised his fans that the fight was still on. He will take this time to practice and prepare for his next big fight. On a motivational note, he added, “A serious person once said that in peacetime it is necessary to prepare for war.” 

Dana White defended Nurmagomedov when other fight fans and opponents were taking a dig at him for pulling out of the championship to stay home. He mentioned that the champion was not to be blamed for an act of god. 

All sports events are to be resumed again in September according to recent reports. 


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