DeShaun Watson’s Season-Ending Injury Leaves Browns Floundering

deshaun watson
deshaun watson

Wednesday morning brought some bad news for Cleveland Brown fans. DeShaun Watson will miss the rest of the season. The quarterback suffered a displaced fracture in his already damaged shoulder. That effectively rules him out for the rest of this season. DeShaun Watson also picked up a sprain high up his ankle in a milestone 33-31 win against the Baltimore Ravens, who are current leaders in the AFC North.

The development effectively ends any hopes that the Brown fans had of making it to the Super Bowl. They remain one of the 4 teams in the NFL who have never appeared in a Super Bowl. The other four are the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Detroit Lions. Though they have a 6-3 record this season that matches their best since 1999 when the franchise was launched. The team has little hope of success this season. And they are entirely to blame for this predicament.

DeShaun Watson Promises To Be Back In A Couple Of Months

DeShaun Watson was never welcomed by fans as he has a disreputable history in his previous team, Houston. He had nine criminal complaints filed against him in 2021 by massage therapists for various indecent acts. Added to that was DeShaun Watson’s inconsistency in 2022 following his return after an eleven-game suspension. But owner Jimmy Haslam chose to award him a fully guaranteed $230 M five-year contract.

The blunder of bringing in DeShaun Watson is the biggest one committed by the Cleveland Browns. He is owed $46 M each of the next 3 years with a cap of almost $64 M a season. That is a lot of money for what is essentially damaged goods and with a disreputable past. But Watson has promised to be back in a couple of months. He said that the biggest issue he is facing is mobility. He said he was working with a great set of workers and will be back even stronger.