Matt Rife’s “Doin’ Netflix” After Scorching TikTok And Over 30 M Views On YouTube

Matt Rife

Matt Rife and his Netflix special is set to be as popular and charming as his TikTok shorts. His videos on the platform and on YouTube have made the comedian among the most watched performer on the platform, and perhaps the most watched comedian. The ruthless fun has got him 30 M views from his two full-length comedy specials that he produced and uploaded on YouTube.

His earlier tour this year sold out within hours, but this ‘hot comic,’ as Vogue dubbed him, is now accessible on Netflix with an hour-long special. But success has not come overnight for Rife. It is something for which he has struggled since Rife was only 15. During the tough Covid period, Matt Rife teamed up with Paul Elia and turned Lowkey, the Comedy Story show, into a success operating from the back of a pickup and on the streets. It was at this time that his TikTok videos went viral. He also produced two specials for YouTube, OnlyFans and Steven Rife.

Matt Rife Says That Netflix Has Given Him The Freedom With The Special

Matt Rife’s Natural Selection on Netflix is unsparing in his vitriolic. Nothing is outside the ambit of his attack and that includes social media, American cities, vaping, deodorant, and young people. Matt Rife: Natural Selection is part of his ProbleMATTic World Tour, which was a sell-out. It was filmed at Washington’s DAR Constitution Hall and hit the OTT on November 15.

The special is typical of Matt Rife. There is no holding back be it his fear of darkness, trolling over social media, or finding that his dad reads porn. Rife remembers how nobody wanted to give him a special. So he did something even better, he went out and put one out on his own. And his fans grew exponentially. Matt Rife says that Netflix has given him freedom through the entire creative process. He says he gets to select the jokes and shoot the episode the way he wants it done.