Chicago Mask Mandate Updates

Chicago Mask Mandate
Chicago Mask Mandate

The Chicago mask mandates have been announced by the officials in the state. The main reason behind this is to control the growing number of cases of coronavirus infection in the country. The ones who made the official announcement are the public health department of the state of Chicago. According to the announcement, the citizens will have to use the mask even when they are indoors. The said mandates will be executed from the 20th of August that falls on a Friday. As per the details, every citizen who is two years old and above will have to follow the freshly introduced Chicago mask mandates. 

Chicago Mask Mandate For Indoors

As per the concerned officials of the city, the Chicago mask mandate got implemented due to the fact that the average daily number of covid infections crosses more than the mark of 400. So starting this Friday, each and every citizen of the state will have to remain masked. And this comes irrespective of their vaccination status. They will have to remain masked in any public event or place that takes place indoors. Dr. Allison Arwady, the commissioner of CDPH, gave a statement with regard to the Chicago mask mandates.

It was stated that since the Delta variant of the coronavirus was highly transmissible, this was the right time to make the right decisions to save the state’s people. It was also stated that the officials were trying their best to track all the necessary data of the coronavirus in the state. The commissioner concluded the speech with a hopeful message saying that the situation might only be temporary in order to lower the cases of infection. The mask mandate will have to be maintained in public places of private clubs, gyms, indoor public places, restaurants, and bars.