Greg Abbott’s Public Message Reviewed By An Expert

Voting Restriction
Voting Restriction

Greg Abbott, the governor of the state of Texas, posted a video revealing himself recently. It was done over one of the social media platforms. The main purpose of the video was to share a message. It has been stated that the governor is currently infected with the coronavirus and so he made the video in order to let the people know that he was in good health despite that. Governor Greg Abbot also stated that he would not stop carrying out his duty and informed the people that he would work from his official mansion. 

Sullivan On Greg Abbott

Ray Sullivan, the well-known political strategist and expert of public affairs, was invited to talk on this gesture of the Texas governor, Greg Abbott, belonging to the Republican Party. The expert spoke on the importance of transparency of the leaders in times of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It was stated that whatever the governor did was healthy as it revealed to the people that he was not stuck on a hospital bed seriously ill.

Contrary to general belief, Governor Greg Abbot showed the people that he was doing perfectly well. The expert further called the move to be a “smart” one and stated that he did a good job revealing to the people he was in a perfect condition to carry out his responsibilities as a governor. 

Sullivan further mentioned the command chain of the state of Texas according to the state constitution. According to this chain, if the state governor is unable to carry out his responsibilities, it is up to the lieutenant to do so. And after him, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the “president pro tempore” of the state. He is provided with temporary power in case there is no one above him to serve the state. And in the case of governor Greg Abbot, nobody next to his line will have to work in his place. 

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