Intriguing Facts About Moses Brown, New Center Of The Celtics!

Moses Brown
Moses Brown

Last year Moses Brown was just a free agent who went undrafted. He used to play for contracts in two ways. But his life changed dramatically. From that position, Moses Brown became a key contributor for the Oklahoma Thunder team last season. 

Moses Brown Has Already Revealed How Dangerous A Weapon He Can Be!

With a week having a lot of injuries for the Oklahoma Thunder team, Chris Paul became involved in the protocols of COVID-19 and will probably remain in the same position with the finals of the Western Conference approaching soon. Rick Carlisle had to join the list of coaching candidates of the Celtics. Brad Stevens became the president of the operations regarding basketball.

In the draft of 2021, The Celtics managed to trade Kemba Walker, their ailing guard who was also in the 16th position inside the draft list. They also traded a draft pick who sat in the 2nd round of the 2025 season to the Thunder. They traded these players for Moses Brown, the young center, and the 2nd round pick of 2023, Al Horford. 

Brown might be the least popular player on this mentioned list, but he can be one of the most relevant and amazing players for the future of the Celtics. This is a very surprising development for Moses Brown because his playing career started not on a very good foot.

Moses Brown first appeared and played in the NBA and remained undrafted. He came from UCLA. First, he was struggling a lot to get a chance to show his talent to the world. But last year, his performance and role in rebuilding Thunder show that Moses Brown is more than ready to take on the role of playing center for the Oklahoma Thunder. Last season, the Oklahoma Thunder needed more consistent play at the interior of the team.

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