Discovery Plus Debut Will Be Catering To A Wide Range Of Viewers

Discovery Plus
Discovery Plus

The coronavirus induced lockdown in the year 2020, has led to an emergence of a number of streaming channels. However, not all consumer entertainment services achieved success. The one to go beyond the expectations of everybody was Disney Plus. This is the only channel that flourished the most. The channel that faltered in the streaming competition was Quibi. But there is no denying that the market for streaming channels is heading towards the saturation point. So, Discovery Plus seems to have chosen the right time to make its global launch. This is because, new year or not, people are still stuck at home, tired, and in dire need of entertainment.

Discovery Plus Can Be The Solution To Your Lockdown Woes

The big day for Discovery Plus is on the 4th of January. The channel is viewed to be the possible panacea to the people. That is because it will be catering to a wide range of viewers, from entertainment lovers to people who love to cook, and also the home improvement fare.

The streaming platform, Discover Plus, has already made its grand premiere in two countries of the world, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The channel will be airing about 50 original shows. Not only that, but viewers will also be able to enjoy over 55,000 episodes that have been aired before. Those episodes will be from the channels that are owned by Discovery. Those will include channels from different genres. Like, Food Network, Animal Planet, HGTV, etc.

Coming to the financial part, Discover Plus comes in two different versions according to the viewer’s preference. Those are the basic tier and the version is add-free. The basic tier can be availed at 4.99 USD a month, and the other one at the monthly rate of 6.99 USD.