Trump Organization’s Handling Of Mar-a-Lago Surveillance Footage Under Special Counsel Probe

Trump Organization

CNN has reported a questionnaire by the prosecutors for special counsel Jack Smith in recent weeks regarding the handling of video footage of former US President Donald Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago. The Trump Organization had previously received a subpoena regarding the footage last summer as stated by sources. 

The Justice Department has generated new grand jury subpoenas to senior Trump employees in the last few weeks according to sources on CNN based on how Trump Organization employees have responded to the demand on the handling of footage. Sources have reported that top Trump Organization officials Matthew Calamari Sr. and his son Matthew Calamari Jr. are anticipated to appear before the grand jury on Thursday with an investigation on probable misappropriation of classified documents brought to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. They are expected to be questioned by prosecutors on the handling of the footage and conversations of Trump employees following the subpoena. 

The chief operating officer and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, Calamari Sr. had been for decades overseeing the security operations of the Trump properties, while Calamari Jr. is the director of security at the Trump Organization. Calamari Jr.’s attorney as well as a spokesperson has declined comments for the special counsel’s office. 

Grand Jury’s Activities Marks A Step For Smith’s Investigation On The Trump Organization

Thursday’s scheduled activities of the grand jury mark a step towards the Smith investigation as close Trump allies are secured as his opposing witnesses. The concerned footage of Justice Department is to investigate probable misappropriation of classified documents and obstruction of justice at the Florida beach club after Trump had left the presidency. Trump has declined any misconduct; neither charges are brought on the case.