Disney Displays Their Post-Iger Politics


There was a transition in regard to the CEO of Disney which changed from Bob Iger to the new CEO Bob Chapek. This change was clearly seen as Iger is a renowned personality who had clear ambitions regarding politics and the present CEO is a new name with a political ideology that still remains a mystery. However, a little show was put on by Chapek, the current CEO of Disney, on matters related to the present political environment. 

Chapek and Iger, And their Different Political Approach At Disney 

Though Chapek discussed the ‘Don’t Say Gay‘ bill yet he did not condemn it. As per his opinion, the statements given by corporate units are counterproductive. However, Iger took a clear stand against the bill and commented this Friday that the bill if passed will make the LGBTQ+ community suffer a lot. 

Thus, it was a clear indication that Chapek took the side of the most powerful and influential companies which deal with media and it portrayed that Disney would handle things differently in the future. The politics of Iger on the other hand is very famous in Hollywood and was always considered a good member for the post of President. 

The company was built with the sole objective to serve every section of people and has a family-friendly reputation. The company never supported fierce decisions which would divide consumers. However, when Trump was the President of America, Iger took a lot of political stands.

In the words of Jim Rutenberg, who works in the New York Times, Disney was never thought of as a company that would be involved in political debates before Trump’s tenure. The stances that Iger took used to put Disney in between several wars. Chapek gave the statement that the company will always stand with the employees who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. After many safe statements, the current CEO finally understood that it is impossible for Disney to stay neutral forever. Thus Disney banned its releases in Russia after the invasion of Russians into Ukraine.