Iam Tongi, The Winner Of “American Idol,” Jokes That His Family Keeps Him Grounded: “They Don’t Just Applaud for Me”

Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi has been savoring the affection. Tongi, 18, was named the American Idol S21 on Sunday night. After the program, he spoke candidly about his emotions following a hectic season. 

He responded in typical Tongi form when questioned on how he intended to celebrate, saying he was planning to have “a few drinks.” No, he joked, according to the media. Iam Tongi said further that when he celebrates, he would perhaps just go home to his family.

Winner Of “American Idol,” Iam Tongi Thanked Friends, Supporters, And Family For His Victory

Tongi has demonstrated often this season how important his family is to him. Every performance was seen by his mother in the crowd, and when he returned to Kahuku, Oahu, he had warmly been welcomed by his classmates. He said that it felt insane how all his Polynesian people have supported him throughout everything and other contestants as well. They, he said, truly supported everybody and not just him. 

His brother, Iam Tongi said, cast a ballot for fellow performer Zachariah Smith. Megan, who finished in second place, and Colin were Tongi’s opponents on Sunday night. Even though they were all focused on winning this season, Iam made friends with each of the participants. Speaking of his victory, Iam Tongi said that without his supporters, friends, and family, he would not have been able to stay so humble.

When Tongi sang the song “Monsters” as a tribute to his father, who passed away months prior to his audition, the judges were moved to tears. Lionel Richie said that they were more worried about making it through the song without balling their eyes out crying than him being selected. Adding that his father would have been very proud to hear him sing and perform so well.