Stimulus Checks: Fake Websites And Mitch McConnell’s Claims

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Stimulus Check

A website that was created to look like an official government website claimed that the typical family of four was going to receive a check for more than $109,000 shortly after President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The website was created with the intention of inciting Americans to support their political candidates and inflaming the military. In other words, it was unrelated to reality.

Did The Labor Shortage Caused By Stimulus Checks Actually Occur?

There is a tonne of these websites online, and unless a reader is very careful, it’s simple to accept sensational headlines and quotes from politicians who have a particular purpose. For instance, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell claimed last month that stimulus checks distributed under both the Trump and Biden administrations are to blame for the present labor crisis.

You have a lot of folks watching from the sidelines, McConnell said, because, honestly, they’re flush right now.

When all of those stimulus check dollars run out, according to McConnell, they’ll start coming to the conclusion that working is preferable to not working.

It is stated that repeatedly repeating a lie is the simplest method to get someone to believe it. Fortunately for McConnell, certain right-wing media outlets and news outlets have been glad to republish his remarks, creating the impression that stimulus check money was to blame for the present labor shortage.

This belief is undoubtedly less complicated and snappier than the fact. We examined the typical amount of stimulus check funding received between April 2020 and March 2021 in order to test McConnell’s hypothesis. The median American couple currently makes an annual salary of about $63,000. For a family of four, the total stimulus received is $11,400.