Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Divorce Rumour

Aaron Taylor Johnson
Aaron Taylor Johnson

There is a rumor that is going viral over the social media platform, Twitter, with regard to the actor, Aaron Taylor Johnson. Fans are constantly talking about the possibility of divorce that might have taken place between him and his wife. The actor is famous for the role he played in the film, Matthew Vaughn which was released in the year 2010. The couple has a total of two children.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Single?

The actor has played in the movies, Nocturnal Animals which was released in the year 2016, and in one of the sequels of the Avengers from the year 2015. Aaron Taylor Johnson is yet to feature in two upcoming projects for the current year. The news of him divorcing, went viral right away. It was the talk of the table over Twitter. Everybody seems to be eager to know about the truth. 

What has been confirmed by resources is the fact that the actor is leaving behind a big part of his life. And that is his house. The home he had in the Hollywood Hills was listed by the couple at the beginning of this month. The amount of the listing was 7.5 million USD. This may be the reason that led to the rumor over Twitter.

There have been no comments made either by Aaron Taylor Johnson or his wife with regard to their news of divorce. However, no evidence has been derived as of now, concerning the matter. Both he and his wife are to come together for a movie project titled, “Rothko.” The account that started the rumor has not been found until now but it is quite clear that it originated from the platform, Twitter.

Zasha Whiteway Wilkinson posted a Tweet with regard to the matter. According to the Tweet, it got confirmed that there is no such evidence that proves the occurrence of the divorce of Aaron Taylor Johnson.