Barcelona Secures First La Liga Title Years 


Barcelona has managed to secure its title in La Liga after defeating Espanyol in Sunday’s match. Barcelona is rapidly climbing to the summit of Spanish football, more than one had expected. The team had started celebrating their victory at the Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol stadium after scoring 4-2 against Espanyol, however, Espanyol supporters clashed with the team on the football pitch, stopping the party. 

In this season, the team’s position was consolidated by its player dominance in the games and coach Xavi Hernández’s new strategies. Barcelona has been through a series of setbacks and turmoil, from the scandal Caso Negreira, financial constraints, and the painful departure of Lionel Messi, however, the team’s victory in La Liga is clearly a great success. Robert Lewandowski, Barça striker has commented on CNN that, not for him, but it was very important to win La Liga for the Barcelona club and all its fans.

Xavi Hernández Key In Barcelona’s Success 

Xavi Hernández, the former professional Spanish football player, returned to his former team as its manager in November of 2021. Xavi has completely revamped Barcelona’s team by introducing intricate patterns of passing and strategizing its defensive stances, which even the Barça fans could not equate, and is certainly distinctive from former manager Pep Guardiola.

Ernest Macià, a journalist of Catalunya Radio has commented on Xavi on CNN, he has praised Xavi for adapting to the present situation and that Xavi’s giants were different from that of Luis Enrique and Guardiola. According to him, Xavi was aware that his team cannot continue playing in the same fashion as before, and that playing offensive was preferable. On August 5, 2021, star player Messi left Barcelona, since then the club has entered a new phase.