DJ LeMahieu Is Reportedly Joining The New York Yankees

DJ LeMahieu
DJ LeMahieu

According to the sources, DJ LeMahieu, the second baseman, and the renowned baseball team, the New York Yankees, are going to finalize a contract. The total amount of the contract is said to be 90 million USD. It is to go on for a total of six years.

In the voting of the American League MVP, DJ LeMahieu came in the third position.  This was after winning the batting title of the AL with the leading of MLB. All this was achieved by him in the 2020 season which had been cut short by the coronavirus pandemic.

DJ LeMahieu And His Achievements

DJ LeMahieu made history by being the fourth player in the Yankees to take lead in the above-mentioned category. The other players included Lou Gehrig in 1934, Joe DiMaggio in the year 1939, and Mickey Mantle in the year 1956.

The title achieved by DJ LeMahieu was the second one in his entire career. He has been the winner of the National League crown in the year 2016. He played for the Colorado Rockies back then. The batting average of his was .348. After that, DJ LeMahieu went on to join the Hall of Farmer Ed Delahanty. Here, he joined as the only player to achieve the batting title victory in both the leagues.

The player had rejected the offer from the New York Yankees before. It was the contract for a year. He was offered 18.9 million USD by the team. The manager of Yankees, Aaron Boone, gave a statement about DJ LeMahieu after his play in the regular season. He said that the player can be shortlisted for one of the best players in American football given that the last two years are added in the Major Basketball League.

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