Martial Law Pushed At White House By Mike Lindell, Trump Ally

Martial Law
Martial Law

For advocating the martial law imposition, Mike Lindell, Trump supporter and founder of My Pillow was caught on camera entering the White House from its West Wing carrying with him the notes supporting his preference. President-elect Joe Biden will replace Donald Trump as the president of the US in the period of five days.

Meanwhile, Trump continues blaming the Democrats for massive election fraud for losing the presidential election of 2020. Donald Trump has recently said that he disavows all the riot and violence he was responsible for inciting at the Capitol last week by urging his supporters which seemed more like a mob for marching to the Capitol and protesting violently there. He had his 2nd impeachment due to the incitement.

Invocation Of Martial Law Is Visible On Lindell’s Notes

Trump is at his house estranged from most of his advisers and unable to use social media while reports are being proliferated of killing and kidnapping lawmakers along with violent demonstrations of his followers planned on the day of the inauguration. Lindell has been the most prominent ally of Trump urging him for denying reality and invoking martial law. On Lindell’s Facebook page he urged all his followers for keeping faith in the President as they will be having Trump for at least four more years. Later a photographer of the Washington Post captured pictures of Lindell where the notes he was carrying were partly visible.

In the partly visible text, were many sentences like moving insurrection act and martial law for the assault and violence on the Capitol. The notes even featured the name of Sidney Powell who is a conspiracy theorist and an attorney involved in the campaign lawsuits of Trump which are used for overturning the results of the election, the attempts have all been very unsuccessful.


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