Joe Biden Speaks On Martin Luther King

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The theme of the day was unity and hope, as President Joe Biden called on Americans to work together to overcome the challenges facing the nation.

President Joe Biden called for greater efforts to protect voting rights and warned of the corrosive impact of white supremacy, as he sought to unite Americans who have become increasingly divided over the state of the country and its central democratic institutions.

Joe Biden Reflects On Martin Luther King

Biden’s speech was to honor Martin Luther King Jr., who would have turned 90 years old Sunday had his life not been cut short by an assassin’s bullet 50 years ago. It was also a moment that President Donald Trump did not attend.”When we deny people their right to vote because they’re black or brown or young or old — we’re denying them their chance to help write America’s future,” Biden said in Atlanta. The former vice president made clear that he viewed voting as a fundamental part of citizenship, saying that without full participation “we diminish our democracy.”

“This is not the time for us to be silent,” Biden said. “This is a time for us to speak up, and speak out.”

Biden’s speech was a call to action—and it emphasized the importance of voting rights in particular. “At its core, this Democratic Party is about one thing: making sure that every American has their voice heard,” he said. “We know that our democracy depends on it.”

He also emphasized that Americans have never faced an internal threat like what we’re seeing now: A growing number of white supremacists who are emboldened by Trump’s race-baiting rhetoric and violent attacks on minorities. In response, he urged citizens everywhere to vote against hate in November 2023—and beyond.