House GOP Has Been Placing The Upcoming Challenges For Months 

Kevin McCarthy

As time is flowing the House GOP and the White House are in a hurry. 1st June is not far. Both of them are trying to find a common ground to fix the national debt challenge they are forced to face. The whole nation would likely fall apart if the ongoing debt is not resolved. Last week the House speaker and the president had a productive meeting. However back then Kevin McCarthy already shared there are issues that are on a greater level that need to be solved immediately. They are now focusing on solving their individual problems related to this issue so that they can come to a consensus.

House GOP Agreed On Negotiating 

Previously house speaker Kevin McCarthy has also stated he and the president both have agreed on negotiation. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has previously warned about the deadline. Which was previously on 1st June. Now they have four more days, now it’s June 5th.

The House GOP has sensed the trouble. They have been asking for a meeting since January. However, President Joe Biden has failed to live up to everyone’s expectations lately. Given all the international issues with Russia and China. They have taken a huge responsibility to help out Ukraine, and for that, they faced outside threats.

Congress is bound to address the debt situation by the 5th of June. Perhaps the United States owes way more than one expected. Unlike the House GOP,  president, Joe Biden is very optimistic about this situation. He is confident they will come to a solution by 12 am. They are nearing a deal with all the important members of the house. The House GOP is looking forward to a notice they would all agree on.