The DOJ Begins Investigating Apparent US Military Classified Document Leak

Document Leak

In the past couple of weeks, a host of intelligence documents belonging to the US military were apparently leaked and shared throughout social media. The DOJ has started to investigate this matter of the document leak.

The Document Leak Remains A Major Worry

The DOJ investigation is starting after Friday saw new documents surfacing. The documents covered a wide range of topics including the United States’ aid to Ukraine and information regarding significant United States allies such as Israel. As such, the latest exposure has widened the already concerning leak’s fallout.

Pentagon officials have been left rattled by the document leaks, especially within the Joint Staff of the Department of Defense. This includes the seniormost leadership of the Department still in uniform who acts as a direct advisor of the President. Several documents had identifiers indicating their origin to be the intelligence arm of the Joint Staff, called J2.

Officials of the United States government said that any investigation regarding such a document leak would first look inwards – seeking out potential loopholes within the Pentagon. However, other sources who have knowledge about US intelligence said that such probes will not look only at the Pentagon, since the number of government officials who can access such documents is quite large.

The official further added that the motive behind the document leak is difficult to determine since they cover various topics. Markings also indicate that intelligence originating from various agencies like the NSA, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the Defence Intelligence Agency are also included.

Some information in the document leak talks about classified CIA information. A CIA spokesperson admitted on Friday that the agency is completely aware of the posts on social media and is actively investigating the claims in its own way.