DOJ Seeks To Access GOP Representative Scott Perry’s Texts

scott perry

The DOJ has tried to access Scott Perry’s texts even as it investigates the interference of various Republican politicians in the 2020 election. The Justice Dept. officials faced off with the Republican Representative’s attorney in a closed court proceeding following the seizure of his phone.

The investigations are being overseen by Jack Smith, the special counsel. The messages are significant as Scott Perry texted that Mark Meadows, then chief of staff at the White House, seeking advice about a dedicated cyber forensic unit that he contacted after the presidential election in 2020.

Scott Perry held that security at the presidential elections was compromised and was the cause of Trump’s defeat. He sought to preserve the voting machines following the elections. To this end, he contacted other senior Trump officials and backers including Mark Meadows, Jeffrey Clark, an official at the DOJ, and other officials who conspired to push false allegations about election fraud.

Scott Perry Sent Out Long Texts Instructing GOP Members

An elaborate text message by Scott Perry instructs other seniors to preserve some specific vote scanning machines. He also texted numerous instructions to Mark Meadows from what is purportedly a cyber-forensic unit.

Scott Perry instructed the wide dissemination of the message and also act on it. This message went to Mark Meadows a week following the presidential elections on November 10, 2020.

The text of the communication between Scott Perry and Meadows indicates that the Congressman sent out more messages along the same lines to other GOP members and senior officials. He also instructed Meadows on his contacts in Arizona and Wisconsin. Meadows subsequently referred Scott Perry to another GOP Congress member, Chip Roy, a Republican Representative from Texas. Perry’s legal team declined to talk to the press.

Earlier Congressional investigators had alleged that Perry had tried to push top intelligence officials to investigate ridiculous conspiracy theories. He also tried to replace the acting AG with Clark, who was a staunch Trump acolyte.